A Beautiful Arimatsu Shibori Yukata: Suji Shibori and Surikomi

$395.00 USD

ca. early twentieth century
47 1/2" x 46", 120.5 cm x 117 cm

This is a really beautiful, hand loomed cotton shibori  woman's yukata--with a bit of a surprise in its dyeing.

The vertical, indigo dyed lines on this yukata were achieved by pleating the cloth and dying it using a technique named suji.  However, the intersecting lines which run horizontally are not shibori dyed in the same technique: they are applied directly onto the cloth through a stencil in a technique known as surikomi.  Look carefully at the accompanying detail photos to see the difference in the vertical versus the horizontal lines.

The result of these two techniques is a really handsome koshi or checked pattern.  

Yukata are casual, unlined cotton kimonos that are worn outside in summer for light socializing or while attending festivals--or, they were also worn to go to the sento or public bath--and they are also worn around the house after one comes home from work, or while staying at an onzen (hot spring) or ryokan (traditional inn).

This particular yukata is partially lined in stencil resist dyed cotton, and, overall, this is a smashing-looking and very good old, traditional Japanese shibori garment.