A Beautiful and Reversible Boro Textile: Good Stitching

$125.00 USD

early twentieth century
29 1/2" x 35 1/2", 75 cm x 90 cm

This is a very good looking boro textile with good patching and stitching--and one which has strong visual appeal on both of its sides.

The cloth is thick and is about three layers thick in some places; it seems to have been cut down from a larger piece, probably a futon cover.

The lead photos show the wonderful collage effect of its patching: on the proper, top, right corner is a dull rose colored patch which contains an oval shaped repair, under which is a striped piece of cotton.  Next to this is a large scale kasuri fragment in tones of brown.  Large, overlapping cotton patches create a strong graphic effect.

The opposite side is much more subtle than its twin.  Mainly composed of indigo dyed cotton pieces, on this side one can easily see the network of white stitches that were used to stitch the patches on the cloths opposite side, and the effect is wonderful.  The visual balance of patches is quite nice, and this side shows cloth of greater age than those of the opposite side.

A marvelous piece of boro cloth.