A Baby's Padded Cotton Kimono: Sekka Shibori

$125.00 USD

mid twentieth century
14 1/4" x 24", 36 cm x 61 cm  

This small coat, meant for a baby or toddler, is hand stitched from indigo dyed cotton.  It is lined in pale blue dyed cotton and it is padded with cotton batting.

The pattern on the coat is probably familiar to many of you: it is sekka shibori, or a kind of folded shibori whose pattern resembles a blue, snow flower.

The coat is still very durable and shows little signs of wear, save for some fading to the lining: and note the beautiful way the tie is stitched to the back of the coat.

A wonderful little garment that calls up memories of old Japan, this indigo on this jacket is still deep and rich and, as said above, this little coat could easily be worn, if desired.