A 20th Century Shifu Obi: Silken Warp

$75.00 USD

ca. early to mid twentieth century
116" x 6 3/4", 294.5 cm x 17 cm

This orange and cream colored obi is richly textured and is woven from a warp of silken yarns (likely jinken or rayon) and a weft of commercially produced paper yarn.

By looking carefully at the accompanying photos you can see that the orange colored passages are in part due to undyed paper weft yarns which have been wrapped by orange threads.

The obi is in good condition and bears two red ink stamps, which are the maker's marks, and which are shown on the accompanying photos.  The short ends are machine stitched and there is a faint, coin sized stain to the one short end, shown in the final two photos, attached here.


A 20th Century Shifu Obi: Silken Warp