A 19th Century Silk Katazome Panel: Charming Pattern

$90.00 USD

late nineteenth century
41" x 11", 104 cm x 28 cm

This is a beautifully resist dyed and stenciled length of 19th century tsumugi silk--a kind of raw silk--that shows a beautiful, overall pale blue color and wonderfully delicate designs.

The length is missing one full selvedge which accounts for the narrow width dimension.

The pattern shows a smattering of traditional motifs: fragments Buddhist-conceived designs such as shippo tsunagi (interlocking circles) and Bishamon kikko, a three-pronged pattern.  Paving stones appear as do lamps and ornate tables among other images. Grey and black colored details were stenciled over the resist dyed images to provide more detail.

The silk is lightweight, hand spun and hand woven.  The resist dyeing is beautifully clear, and the length benefits in its beauty by showing good age.

There are a few extremely hard to see stains and a bit of light fading.

A beautiful length of silk from old Japan.


A 19th Century Silk Katazome Panel: Charming Pattern