Art + Auction, March 2010
Editor's Choice, "A Gift from the Elms" p. 112

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"Benchmarks," text by Stephen Szczepanek

Modern Carpets & Textiles for Interiors (England), Winter 2008
"Riches from Rags", text by Stephen Szczepanek

Mug (Italy), June 2008
'Ann Wood', text by Stephen Szczepanek

Travel + Culture, July/August 2008
'Object Lesson' by Bradley W. Bloch and Karen Lehrman Bloch

Selvedge (United Kingdom), Issue 22, March 2008
'Paper Weight' (a story on Hiroko Karuno, shi-fu weaver)
by Stephen Szczepanek

The New York Times, Sunday, 22 July 2007
'When Everyday Becomes Art' by Dan Shaw

Town & Country, April 2007
'The Lives of a Kimono' by Stephen Henderson

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'Off the Beaten Track' (a story on Rowland and Chinami Ricketts)
by Stephen Szczepanek

Selvedge (United Kingdom), Issue 11, April 2006
'Man For All Seasons: Master Colorist Sachio Yoshioka'
by Stephen Szczepanek

I.D., November 2005
'The Artful Remnant: A rustic textile makes a comeback,' by Marisa Bartolucci

The World of Interiors (United Kingdom), October 2005

Selvedge (United Kingdon), April/ May, 2005
'Uncommon Beauty' by Stephen Szczepanek

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'Pure and Simple'

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'Vintage Fabrics: Textile Traditions That Resonate Today'

Worth, November 2004
'Undiscovered Country: Antique textiles from rural Japan are beginning
to catch the eye of investment-minded collectors' by Marisa Bartolucci

The World of Interiors (United Kingdom), September 2004
'Orient Expression'

Inspired House, September/October 2004
'A mat for every place and a place for every mat'

Selvedge (United Kingdom) July/August 2004
'City Limits'

Noblesse (Korea), May 2004
'Style of Paris and New York'

The Color Association of the United States News, cover story
September 2003, 'Sri: Fabric Studio'

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'Nature and Nurture' by Carol Prisant

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'Artist Revives Textile Tradition'

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Antiques 'Textile Revival' by Marie Proeller Hueston

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The Best of New York 'The New York List'

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L'Actu en Images 'La Biennale des Editeurs de la Decoration/ Donghia'

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'Our House of the Year'

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'Wrought From Stuff Both Used and Useful' by Marisa Bartolucci

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'Zen Palace' by Mary Trasko

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'What Makes It Great: The Guide to the Best of the Best...' 'Rare Textile Treasures' by Bobbie Leigh

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Notebook by Nazreen Mills

City, feature story, September 2002
'A Shared Vision' by Mary Trasko Hamptons, August 16- August 23, 2002
Design Watch, 'Style and Substance' by Chip Cordelli