An Arashi Shibori and Stenciled Han Juban: Two Techniques

$196.00 USD

**reduced from $245.00**
mid twentieth century
28" x 25", 71 cm x 63.5 cm

Look carefully at the pattern of this indigo dyed cotton han juban or half under kimono: the clusters of diagonally-placed lines are created by the arashi shibori technique, arashi meaning storm and in this case these resist dyed lines do call to mind a driving rain.

On top of this shibori technique are stenciled chrysanthemum images that are fairly large in scale and are rendered in such a way as to make them appear to also be shibori dyed.

The cotton of this han juban has been lightly starched and it shows very, very faint clouds of staining or ingrained dirt, barely noticeable. Washing of this cloth could prove problematic as it is not clear if the stenciled chrysanthemum pattern is permanently fixed to the cotton.

A not-at-all usual pattern and one that is interesting for its dual techniques, this is a wonderful garment from old Japan.