A Full Bolt of Indigo Dyed Cotton Shibori: Miura and Designs

$156.00 USD

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early to mid twentieth century

approximately 12 yards x 14",  11 m x 36 cm

This is a bolt of unused shibori dyed cotton cloth, presumably dyed in Arimatsu/Narumi, an important shibori production center of Japan.

The bolt or tanmono was intended for use as a yukata, an unlined summer kimono.

The tie dyed  pattern shown here is an all over miura technique the field of which is studded with a solid, medallion-like design.

The cotton is machine loomed and the indigo does not seem botanical which is the case of most shibori from this age and produced for mass-consumption.

Vintage bolts such as this one are not easy to find these days, so this one is extra covetable for that reason.