A Length of Delicately Patterned Katazome: Dull Ochre

$80.00 USD

late nineteenth century
39" x 13 1/2", 99 cm x 34 cm

This length of katazome dyed cloth is slightly unusual for its color, which is a kind of dull ochre tone. The color optics of this length is interesting because the ochre color makes the undyed areas of the pattern appear almost like a cool, very pale blue tone.

The pattern is linear and shows stylized chrysanthemums amid a field of arabesques; the scale of the design is rather small.

There are some ingrained creases in the piece shown clearly in the detail photos here. The cotton is hand woven and the age is good.

There are some very faint stains and some understandable fading, wear and creasing to the piece.