A Pair of Hemp or Ramie Boro Momohiki: Traditional Trousers

$195.00 USD

early twentieth century
as shown, first photo: 37" x 33", 94 cm x 84 cm

Momohiki are a style of wrap-around, tight fitting work trousers that were worn in all areas of Japan and this is a particularly good pair of patched and mended momohiki as can easily be seen by the ample photos that illustrate this post. In some cases momohiki were worn by men beneath their kimono as underwear as may have been the case with these although there is no way of knowing.

The base cloth of this pair of momohiki is made from rather lightweight or finely woven hemp or ramie in a mottled kasuri greyish tone. It is pretty clear that the cloth used to make this was recycled from a kimono: re-purposing of cloth in this manner was not uncommon many decades ago in Japan. 

The pair of momohiki is heavily patched in pieces of different tones of neutral colored cotton, the patching is fairly dense in all parts of the trousers.

Any way you turn these momohiki you will encounter well-patched areas that are also well-stitched thus making them a desirable pair to own: they make a wonderful study piece if you are interested in the process of mending and repair.