Two Panels of Tattered Patched Katazome Cotton: Beautifully Colored Base Cloth

$145.00 USD

early twentieth century
70" x 25 1/2", 178 cm x 64.5 cm

This is a slightly tattered pair of indigo dyed katazome panels that have been hand stitched together, presumably having been taken intact from a large piece, a futon cover.

The cloth is good and old--more than likely of hand spun cotton yarns and most certainly hand woven. 

As can be seen there is loss to the edges and to the center of the length in isolated areas and, as well, there are five mending patches to the reverse side which is shown in the lead photos here. The patches are old and they contrast nicely with the base cloth creating an effect of good visual appeal.

Turning this around to see the katazome dyed cloth we see an elegantly drawn pattern of stylized chrysanthemums and arabesques. The indigo blue tone is clear and the dark toned details add depth and visual richness to the delicately rendered pattern. This is a very good amount of nicely designed and dyed katazome cotton.

It is clear that the cloth is damaged but it is still beautiful and there is a good amount of it, too. There is a coin sized stain to the surface, shown in a detail photo here.