A Hemp or Ramie Indigo Dyed Kasuri Apron: Fine Cloth

$185.00 USD

early twentieth century
28 1/4" x 50 1/4", 71.75 cm x 127.5 cm

This finely woven indigo dyed kasuri hemp or ramie apron is from the collection of a prominent researcher of Japanese folk textiles. His notes indicate that this garment was collected by him in February of 1992, almost 30 years ago.

The apron is made of four short panels of hand plied indigo dyed hemp or ramie that are hand stitched together and it seems to be missing a finishing band the top edge of the apron. 

The ties are made of some kind of silk and the apron is finished at the bottom in kasuri dyed hemp of another pattern and slightly different tone.

The hemp or ramie cloth is finely woven as mentioned above and as such it would fall into a category of weaving called jofu which indicates a high quality woven fabric.

Note the handful of small holes to the piece, a few of them noted in the detail photos attached here.

A subtle yet soulful old apron this is interesting for its provenance and for its good quality cloth.