A Man's Hemp or Ramie Kimono: Everyday Wear

$160.00 USD

late nineteenth, early twentieth century
shoulder to hem x sleeve tip to sleeve tip: 50" x 49", 127 cm x 124.5 cm

This subtle, dark indigo toned hemp or ramie kimono is very much the type that was worn as "everyday" wear in the late nineteenth and early twentieth century in Japan.

The cloth is of beautifully woven hemp or ramie, perhaps heavier than you would imagine--but still translucent. The kimono is entirely hand stitched.

The overall color tone has faded from wear and parts of the kimono have softened nicely from its life as an everyday garment.

More than likely this kimono would have been worn with an equally subtle, dark toned obi and when stepping out into the city or village where the owner of this kimono lived he no doubt wore a coat over this kimono, probably also nuanced in color and pattern.

The cloth is striped and the overall condition is fair-to-good and used and it is still very wearable today.